Court of Master Sommeliers, Certified Sommelier (CS)
Italian Wine Professional (IWP)

NR-BernardWine is risk make palatable.
It has been on an immense journey and took thousands of years to reach your glass.
It is an inexhaustible cascade of history –
An earthquake here
and a geological uplift there
led to the rise of a mountain
whose serendipity was to cast a perfect rain shadow
destined to nurture the ideal climate for grape vines.

Wine is a study of the charts of time.
It has been consumed by Pharaohs,
loved by kings,
tended to by monks,
prescribed by doctors
and immortalized by poets.

Wine is the story of us.
It is a story of the hope and passion
and the triumph and glory of us all.
Wine is a celebration of friends and victory.
It is a study of philosophy and poetry written in a universal language.
Wine is one of the things we all have in common –
it is our proverbial “bread to break.”

Wine is time travel – it is our great adventure.
Tomorrow is a blank page in the book of existence…
What will your adventure be?

So we encourage you to raise a glass –
to your good health and ours
and to those you have loved and lost.
May your blank pages be filled with more amazing journeys than detours.
May you surround yourselves with more friends than foes
and may good wine,
good friends
and new adventures
be the ink of the pen that writes your story.