Victoria TrummerAfter working at some of the finest restaurants in New York City, Clifton, VA native Victoria Trummer returned home to make her dream of one day owning a restaurant a reality. Drawn to her hometown’s charm, history and small-town generosity, Victoria and her husband Stefan opened up the award-winning Trummer’s on Main in 2009 and have since made an indelible mark on the Virginia dining scene.

Trummer brings to the table eight years of extensive experience in the bustling restaurant milieu of New York City. Having left Clifton for New York to attend Marymount Manhattan College in 2001, Trummer fell in love with an unsurpassed energy. It was during this time that her own piece of history began to unfold when she took her first position in a New York restaurant. Over the course of two years, Trummer worked as both Server and Captain at famed Citarella the Restaurant. She followed this with the hospitable positions of Maître d’ and Manager at renowned, award-winning Chef Rick Moonen’s restaurant RM, elevating her exposure to fine dining at this three-star mecca. She continued her education at Baruch College School of Business where she received her MBA in marketing.

Progressing within the restaurant industry, Trummer then assumed the position as Manager and Director of Special Events at Compass Restaurant. Trummer was not only in charge of service training and development, but also assisted in the renovation of the private dining space in an effort to attract a broader audience. A great sense of fulfillment came from a re-review by The New York Times Frank Bruni. Trummer was a leading member of the team whose dedication and skill elevated Compass from a one-star to the current two-star rating, truly an extraordinary achievement.

It was at Citarella that she met her husband Stefan, a native of Austria. His esteemed level of service, hospitality, cocktail-crafting prowess, and debonair accent left her intrigued. The friendship built in the hospitality business soon bloomed into romance and after they were married, she realized that their destiny was to own their very own restaurant. “We were both so passionate and eager about epicurean adventures that we lived in very humble accommodations in New York in order to afford to eat out regularly. All of our money was spent dining out… that’s just us!”

Together, the Trummers draw from inspiration and family at Trummer’s Restaurant. Stefan’s family has owned the same restaurant in Austria for three generations, and their passion for food and relationships with their guests continues to enthuse. Travels throughout Europe inspired Victoria Trummer to deliver the passion she found so readily throughout these countries rich with culinary history and pride, and has long last brought these inspirations to the award-winning 250-seat contemporary styled historic gem on Clifton’s Main Street.

The Trummer family grew in 2011 and again in 2014 with the addition of two boys. Culinary passion must be in their blood because they both love to cook, entertain and dine out. The Wiener Schnitzel is their standby favorite entree and they’ll be sure to go through at least 3 helpings of lingonberry jam with it!